Astilleros Capeador who we are

Building llauds CAPEADOR and SAURA since 1975 in Menorca

Building llauds since 1975 Building llauds since 1975


It was in the early 60s when a known boat builder from Mahon, Juanito Petrus, in an effort to improve the product, dared to build its first polyester llaüt. From that success, Capeador brand was born. In those years, woodworking was located riverside at the Port of Mahon. Back in 1975, our father, Justo Saura, guided by his passion for the sea, took over the Capeador brand and the shipyard. Taking advantage of their knowledge and creativity, he began to develop several models of increasing length. Always following the line of typical Menorcan llaüt.

Saura 60 Saura 60


The Capeador llaüt became more and more present in the Minorcan waters, becoming known in Mallorca and the Costa Brava. Later it reached Ibiza, Valencia and the rest of Spain. Capeador was considered as a "custom built" llaüt, becoming virtually unique. Proof of this is that our father always refers to the ships by the name of the customer, not by the model. Is the mid-90s when the three brothers decided to give the generational change moving the company structure. It was at this time when it was founded Astilleros Capeador S.L. We continue with the same idea of a personalized llaut, but with a more consistent means with our times.